Dead Sea Facial Mask - Top Sellers _ Mud Mask For Acne, Oily Skin, Cleansing, Purifying

Facial Masques Made With The Healing Mud of The Dead Sea!


Anti Wrinkle Facial Masque 16 oz!
Made with black sea mud, healing minerals from the salt powder, protection and moisture from seaweed kelp and much more.





Oily Skin Masque 16 oz!

This masque reaches deep into the skin and pulls out the bad oils but it does not dry out the skin - it purifies it and regulates the sebum so that oily skin is not a constant problem...



Acne & Clear Skin Clear Up Masque - 16 oz!

It does more that kill bacteria - it sweeps through and draws out the bad oils and bacteria pulling toxins that cause acne from skin.



Acne Prevention Masque - 16 oz!

No lotion or cream can remove toxins and bacteria from the skin like this acne prevention masque from Purity.



Super Anti Oxidant Masque 16 oz!

Free radicals damage skin - let this masque work against them unlike any other product by pulling these horrible toxins from skin