dead sea salts and mud
Dead Sea Mud  & Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner! Healthy Hair!




Purity Beauty is proud to offer the very highest quality of Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salts, Dead Sea Brine Minerals & the Products that are made with high quality ingredients!


While other importers choose low quality and low price we have decided to offer the very highest quality dead sea mud, salt and brine along with the manufactured products. We buy in large volumes and import directly from the Dead Sea. This allow us to offer a great price but be certain that we will never sacrifice quality over cost.


The mud that we buy is so pure that it can be used anywhere on the exterior body including the face. Most other manufacturers want to offer a higher grade for facial applications! All of our mud is a high enough quality to be used on the face.


Our salts are never coated with formaldehyde. This coating can irritate skin and cause many of the problems that you are most likely trying to get rid of. Manufacturers do this make them salts hold fragrances longer. We do not!

Contact us with any more questions that you might have!


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