HealingOils - Argan oil - Jojoba Oil - Aloe Oil & More




The wraps below do not have the wrapping cloths included. If you would like to offer these to your customers then make sure to purchase them individually as well.




Argan Oil   
 $24.95  4 oz

A very healing oil that is used for both skin and hair treatments. Argan oil can cut down drying time for the hair up to half. This reduces hair burn and protects hair from curling iron and flat iron burn. Simply add a few drops to hand every time that you go to shampoo!





Jojoba Oil   
 $16.95 4 oz

Great for everything from acne on the skin to preventing hair fall and loss of hair! It prevent breakage and also deep cleanses the hair follicle like no other healing oil can do. We strongly recommending using a few drops of this oil with your shampoo when you shampoo your hair. If you suffer from acne then use it as a moisturizer and you will prevent the skin from emitting to much oil, resulting in getting rid of your acne!




Aloe Oil   
 $15.95 4 oz

The healing oil that heals everything from sun damage on the skin to premature aging caused by other elements and harsh creams and cleansers. Simply massage 1 drop into your skin!