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There are over 200 hundred press releases about our Beauty and the products that we sell!


Our primary objective is to sell high quality dead sea products. Many other companies want to sell mixed products! This is where the products are roughly 75% dead sea and the remainder are mixed in salts or muds that are much cheaper. They are still allowed to call these Dead Sea Products. We DO NOT do this. Our products are 100% authentic and directly from the dead sea!

We understand that many people use Dead Sea Products expecting results. The cheaper, mixed products will not get these results. This is why we stick the real, authentic dead sea mud, salts and brine!

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our products including our dead sea salt, dead sea mud or dead sea brine!


"The quality of Purity Beauty Dead Sea Salt and Mud is heads above anything that I have used."

"My skin issues are much better."

"Your mud is obviously much better than the other brands that I have been using."

"I can tell your salt is real and not mixed. I am sick of other companies that say it is dead sea only to see the different salts in there."

"I will only use Purity Beauty Dead Sea Products, Salt and Mud. I know it is the real deal."

"Absolutely love your hair care products."

" the mud."

"I just feel better when I use the Purity Beauty Salts!"

"Your prices are absolutely great."

"I always get my order fast."

"I am so glad that I found your company...very good mud and salt."

"You have the lowest prices on the products as well as the shipping that I have found."

"Your shipping prices are the best!"

"The quality of Purity Beauty Mud is the best that I have found."

"There are not better prices for quality mud and salt."

"I am a customer for life."

"Very, Very Good products."

"Dead Sea Products have changed my life. My scalp issues have been hard to deal with. I was recommended by my natural doctor to try Dead Sea Mud and Salt products. Afters over 3 years of trying all the products on the market I have decided on yours. with your pricing and how good the products are - the choice was easy."

"I am from the Dead Sea and now live in the United States. I can tell you that Purity Beauty Products are the real deal. I will not name names but there are others that are far from true Dead Sea Salt and Mud."

"I am writing an email to tell you how great your products are..."

"Every person that has ever had muscle or joint pain should try dead sea salt baths or even mud baths. They both work amazing well for me."

"I have seen countless tv programs talking about how well Dead Sea Salt and Mud are for you. Therefore I decided to try them myself. I am doing so much better. I read should have done before and after pictures of my skin."

"I highly recommend anyone that has eczema on their skin or scalp, try Purity Beauty Products. Give it about 1 month. It really does make a difference."

"What a great online site. Your prices are the best around!"

"Please don't go anywhere Purity Beauty!" (we aren't)

"What a wonderful shampoo for anyone that has flaking of the scalp and head."

"Dead Sea Body Wraps make a difference - yeah they really do. I feel like I  just had a body makeover."

"I got my order in 1 day- Florida."

"It took exactly 3 days to get my order in California."

"You have the best of the best products from the Dead Sea."

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