Dead Sea Skin Care Products

Dead sea skin care products are known for many different and truly amazing skin treatments. Dead sea mud and salt are loaded with high mineral content. This is essential to preventing many different skin problems including skin rashes, premature aging, premature wrinkles and much more.



Dead Sea Oily Skin & Acne Treatments



dead sea mud maskOily Skin / Acne Mud Mask   
 $28 per 2 oz jar (fragrance free)

Purified Dead Sea Mud and other amazing, natural ingredients including zinc to end many different skin problems. This is the most effective mask that we know of for acne, oily skin, breakouts, blackheads, pimples, skin redness and much more! Dead sea purifies while zinc eliminates the bacteria that causes blemishes and breakouts. Get fast and effective results!





dead sea acneDead Sea & Zinc Oily Skin / Acne Cream   
 $22 per 2 oz jar  (fragrance free)

A daily cream that moisturizes skin while also cutting down the oil that skin emits. If you suffer from oily skin then this oily skin moisturizer is the very best! It slowly eliminates excess oils (never dries out skin)! The result is balanced skin free from breakouts, blemishes blackheads and more! A top seller with purified dead sea mud, minerals and zinc pca. No parabens, no mineral oil, no propylene glycol!





Dead Sea Face & Eye Creams


dead sea face creamDead Sea Mineral Facial Cream (anti aging)   
 $32 per 2 oz jar (fragrance free)

Minerals are the key to feeding the millions of reproducing cells on the face and neck. Minerals help to rebuild the very tiny blood vessels that supply your delicate facial skin. VERY FEW facial creams on the market today add minerals to the face. You will find amazing moisture and an elasticity to your skin that prevents sag and the appearance of aging better than any other cream.

No mineral oil, no parabens, no propylene glycol!





dead sea eye cream moisturizerDead Sea Mineral Eye Cream   
 $38 per 2 oz jar (fragrance free)

Invigorate and Super Charge the delicate skin around the eyes with dead sea minerals. Cleopatra and other Queens called the dead sea anti aging power - "the supreme beauty power". No other element can offer what pure dead sea mud and salts can. The results are evident in those that use dead sea face creams and eye creams. Try it today and see why!






Dead Sea Body Lotion


dead sea lotion

Dead Sea Mud & Mineral Body Lotion   
 $16 per 8 oz

Made with real dead sea mud and dead sea salt brine, this top selling body lotion is amazing for renewing the skin by adding minerals that only the dead sea offers. Therapeutic levels of dead sea ingredients make this one of the few fully therapeutic dead sea body lotions on the market.




Our Dead Sea Skin Care Products are second to none. These dead sea skin care products and treatments DO NOT CONTAIN: Mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol or other really harsh chemicals. Therapeutic levels of each dead sea ingredient are used. While other skin care products are using 1% active levels we are using 10 to 15% of the dead sea minerals.

These products are made in the USA. These products are claimed or designed to treat or prevent any disease.


Contact us for any questions that you might have about these products. All products are stocked and ready to ship. All products are Made in The USA but available to ship around the world. Most products ship the same day as the order is placed!


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