dead sea salt
Dead Sea Salts - Imported Salt From The Dead Sea - Pure!!!
easy returns on our dead sea salt  both wholesale and retail mud body wraps


Bulk & Wholesale Dead Sea Mud & Dead Sea Salts!

High Quality Dead Sea Salt - Pure & Not Coated!

Anti Aging, Detox, Skin Moisture, Skin Mineralization & More





We Carry Two Salt Sizes Sizes:
Fine (typical for baths), Coarse (scrubs & longer baths)


Size Salt  Price Fine Coarse  
Dead Sea Salt  1 pound $4.75 order order  
Dead Sea Salt  2 Pounds $7.35 order order  
Dead Sea Salt 5 Pounds $14.95 order order  
Dead Sea Salt 10 Pounds $24.95 order order  
Dead Sea Salt 20 Pounds $38.95 order order  
Dead Sea Salt 30 Pounds $57.95 order order  
Dead Sea Salt 50 Pounds $83.95 order order free ship









Larger Orders Contact Us by Phone or Email!   (877) 446-9765


wholesale dead sea salt free shipping USA east coast

dead sea salt coarse wholesale & bulk with free shipping

          Fine Grade                                          Coarse Grade


DEAD SEA Salt... Pure & Never Coated With Harsh Formaldehyde


Dead Sea Mud Bulk & Wholesale!

  (877) 446-9765

dead sea mud black

Dead Sea Therapeutic Body & Face Mud! In Stock!


Dead Sea Mud  1 pound $9.50 ORDER
Dead Sea Mud  5 Pounds $29.95 ORDER
Dead Sea Mud 10 Pounds $45.95 ORDER
Dead Sea Mud 20 Pounds $58.95 ORDER
Dead Sea Mud 50 Pounds $149 ORDER (free ship)
Dead Sea Mud 100 Pounds $239 ORDER (free ship)









In Stock! For Larger Orders Contact Us





(877) 446-9765


Our mud is always in stock and considered grade AAA! This is the finest mud that you can purchase. We offer free shipping on orders over $59. Shipping on orders less than $59 is super low as well!


If you wish to purchase in bulk sizes that are larger than what is shown on the website simply give us a call and we will gladly quote you. We ship from the USA but will ship to other countries as well.


For over 8 Years we have been one of the leading importers of truly authentic dead sea mud and salt. Our product quality is the very best! We never mix other salts with our salt. Many companies do this to lower the price. Our products are 100% authentic and never diluted!








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